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Episode 1 – The American Holocaust

American Holocaust ep 1

A Film & Conversation Original Series dedicated to the Native Perspective

A Red Nation TV Special Live Engagement

A provocative look into the history of Native Americans in the United States and the healing power of justice.

The American Holocaust

American Holocaust: When Its All Over I’ll Still Be Indian

Short-Listed for an Academy Award®

Director: Joanelle Romero

Narrated by: Ed Anser

The first and only film to date that addresses the American Indian and Jewish Holocausts. This powerful, hard-hitting documentary reveals the link between Adolf Hitler’s treatment of German Jews and the U.S. government’s treatment of American Indians depicts disturbing parallels between these two Holocausts and explores the historical, social and religious roots of America’s own “ethnic cleansing.” The film also examines, through the words and experiences of contemporary Indian people, the long term lasting effects of this on-going destructive process and the possible ramifications for the future of American Indian people in the 21st century.

Supported by: Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev, Rabbi Debra Orenstein, Shoah Foundation, Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles & American Indian Communities.
Executive Producers: Elizabeth Sage Galesi, Phillip M. Haozous, Teddy Parker, Kathleen Jones, David Aurbey, Windhollow Foundation, Connie Stevens.

The Conversation Series

S1: E1 – What It Means To Be Indian


Oren Lyons Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Seneca Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. Once a college lacrosse player, Lyons is a known advocate of Indigenous rights. Lyons is an Advisory Board member of Red Nation Celebration Institute.

Joanne Shenandoah Native America’s most celebrated musician and lecturer. Grammy Award Winner. Holding a Grammy and 45 plus music awards, plus an Emmy nomination, she is an Ambassador of peace, human and earth rights. In addition, she is a founding member of the Hiawatha Institute for Traditional Knowledge, a non-profit educational organization.

Phillip Whiteman Jr. Hereditary chief Northern Cheyenne. Creator of The Medicine Wheel Model of Natural Horsemanship. Co-founder of Yellow Bird Lifeways. Phillip Whiteman Jr was the recipient of the first RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival ‘s ‘Film Consultant Award’ in 2019.

Gabe Galand managing lawyer at Galanda Broadman. His practice focuses on complex, multi-party litigation and crisis management, representing tribal governments, businesses and citizens. He has been named to Best Lawyers in America in the field of Native American Law from 2007 to 2020. Gabe is known for his extraordinary work in bringing attention to the devastating tactic of tribal disenrollment.

A Martinez actor and singer with roles in the daytime soap operas Santa Barbara, General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Days of Our Lives, and the primetime dramas L.A. Law, Profiler, and Longmire. 1989 Sundance Award winning critically acclaimed cult classic George Harrison (The Beatles) feature film “Powwow Highway”

Joanelle Romero Humanitarian, Founder/President/CEO Red Nation Celebration Institute, Red Nation International Film Festival, Native Women in FILM, Red Nation Television Network. Actor-Best known for 1977 A Girl Called Hatter Fox first Contemporary Native Woman’s Story ever produced and 1989 critically acclaimed cult classic George Harrison (The Beatles) “Powwow Highway”, this film paved the way for contemporary native filmmaking. A singer/songwriter discovered by Leonard Cohen, Filmmaker-Short-listed for an Academy Award, a member of AMPAS.

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