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Second Sunrise


Second Sunrise

A Navajo vampire cop and a beautiful FBI agent must overcome their differences to stop deadly shapeshifters and a plutonium-seeking madman.

Second Sunrise A Joanelle Romero Film Native Vampires + ShapeShifters + A Navajo Cop + A Female FBI Agent and the yellow rock

Starring: Eddie Spears, A Martinez, Zhan McClarnon, Balthazar Getty, Sage Galesi, Danny Trejo, Manuel Cuevas Martínez, Joanelle Romero, Montano Rain, Crystle Lightning, Shannon Baker, Shauna Baker. 90% native cast, native woman director, Native women screenplay writers and native women producers.

Red Nation Films, a division of The Romero Company (An Indigenous Film Studio) based in Los Angeles will be the first native production company to release four ‘films’ back to back with this book series.

(Release date 2016)