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Joe Buffalo

Joe Buffalo is an Indigenous skateboard legend. He’s also a survivor of Canada’s notorious Indian Residential School system. Following a traumatic childhood and decades of addiction, Joe must face his inner demons to realize his dream of turning pro.

“This stunning portrait takes the viewer into the mind of Indigenous skateboard legend Joe Buffalo. With raw honesty and powerful storytelling, the film takes no shortcuts in exploring the generational trauma associated with Canada’s Indian Residential Schools and the wounds brought on by white colonialism. Joe takes us through his own battles with isolation, anger and addiction, but his story is ultimately one of strength and resilience, woven together by his love of skateboarding. A powerful reminder that history does not simply melt away or get swept aside, but instead is ingrained in the bedrock of today challenging us to learn it. In his own words, “If I can make it happen given the circumstances of how I was raised, then there is hope out there.”

Director Amar Chebib

Cast Joe Buffalo

Writer Joe Buffalo and Amar Chebib

Producer Hayley Morin and Mack Stannard